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Why Do I Have So Much Latency?

Why Do I Have So Much Latency?

Why do I have so much latency while recording, and how can I minimize it?


I hear the same question often. Why do I have so much latency when I’m recording? Today I will show you a few simple settings in Pro Tools, that can be applied to any other DAW software, to minimize latency while recording

The #1 reason… Buffer Size. Make sure you are as low as your system can handle. 32 or 64 are best. These settings depend on the power of your computer. Choose the lowest setting your system allows before causing issues. If your computer isn’t powerful enough, it might be time to consider finding a new one
If you’re on an interface that allows, monitor directly through the interface. I am on a Universal Audio Apollo so I can monitor directly through the Console application. All I have to do is mute the channels I am recording in my DAW. But remember, when monitoring this way you will not be able to hear your FX in your DAW.
What plugins are you using? Take all unnecessary plugins off or make them inactive. If using Auto Tune, make sure it’s in low latency mode.
Remove all plugins on your master channel. Depending on the plugin, these can cause a significant amount of latency.
Remember you can do whatever you want. Rules can be broken. But understand the rules and why they are there before you start breaking them!

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