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Vocal Delay Throws

Vocal Delay Throws


Creating Simple Vocal Delay Throws In Pro Tools

Today we are going to show you how to create some simple vocal delay throws.

In this video Bryan will show you how to take a simple vocal track and add some vocal delay throws to fill it out and make it more interesting by using a few simple techniques!

Summary from video

1. Create A Stereo AUX Track

We have a nice clean vocal track, but we need something to make it a little more interesting and fill in these gaps, so the first thing we are going to do is add an aux track.

2. Solo Safe AUX Track

Next we want to solo safe the aux track.

3. Add Waves H-Delay

Now, we want to add Waves H-Delay (or the delay plugin of your choice).

4. Turn Any Noise Function Off

Make sure you turn the default noise function to OFF. We do not want any noise added to our production.

5. Sync Delay Tempo

 Make sure your delay is tempo synced and then select 1/4 note. Be sure to select regular 1/4 note, not dotted or triplet.


6. Add Filters

Now we want to add both HiPass and LoPass filters.

7. Set The Input

Set the input of the aux track to a bus. Name that bus DLY 4th.

8. Send Vocal Track

Send your vocal track to this bus send named: DLY 4th.

9. Pull Up Level Automation

Pull up the level automation for your DLY4th send on your vocal track. 

10. Draw In Level Automation

Find the last word of each phrase and draw in some level automation on that word until you achieve the desired effect. You may need to adjust your automation lines until you get just the word you are looking for in the repeats. You will hear this adds a delay into that empty space. We’re going to repeat this on the last word of each phrase.

Viola! That is how you add delay throws to a vocal. You now have some professional-sounding delay throws to level up your production. Drop us a comment below with some of your favorite vocal delay techniques! 

Watch the video in this post to see the entire process in detail.

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