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Stacking Compressors

Stacking Compressors

Stacking the 1176 And LA-2A For Maximum Dynamic Control

This week we are going to use 2 compressors to control a very dynamic vocal. We will be using the UAD versions, but you can use whatever version you prefer.

Summary From Video

1. Stacking Compressors

When stacking 2 compressors you want to make sure each successive compressor has a lower ratio than the one before it.

2. Add 1176

Add an 1176 to your vocal track.


3. Set The Ratio

Set the ratio to 12:1 and the attack and release to the fastest setting (7).

4. Adjust The Input Gain

Adjust the input gain until you are getting 3-5dB of reduction on the loud peaks of the vocal only. Make sure there is no gain reduction happening on the rest of the vocal.

5. Adjust The Output Gain

Adjust the output gain to where the volume is the same engaged as it is bypassed. This is called gain staging.

6. Add An LA-2A

Add an LA-2A after the 1176 and make sure the Limit/Compress switch is on compress.


7. Adjust Your Peak Reduction

Adjust your peak reduction until you are getting about 5-7dB of compression.

8. More Gain Staging

Time for some more gain staging. Adjust the gain on the LA-2A to where the volume is the same engaged as it is bypassed.

9. Viola!

You have a much more controlled vocal without any compressor artifacts such as pumping or breathing.

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