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Signature Sound Studio History: 1989 & Present

Signature Sound Studio History: 1989 & Present

Signature Sound Recording Studio began in 1989 by owner Luis Arteaga. Luis was born and raised in Mexico City and had a deep passion for music. Among other instrument Luis primarily played the guitar, he said it was an “obession”.  After graduating from The National University of Mexico he moved to Oregon to work at Tektronix as an Industrial Engineer. His passion for music was too strong so he quit his job and moved to San Diego where he began Signature Sound INC. After leasing a building in Kearny Mesa Luis began to fill it with Top-of-the-Line Equipment and Gear. With the help of his Wife Ana Arteaga and Mother Maria Gutierrez Signature Sound became a deep rooted family business and still is. Signature Sound has seen many transformations and to this day is still evolving and thriving.


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