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Reverse Reverb

Reverse Reverb


Reverse reverb is a great way to level up your mixes.

In the spirit of Halloween, our Head of Video Production/Resident Engineer, Bryan, brings you a spooky tutorial. In this video as Bryan walks you through how to create a supernatural sounding effect just in time for spooky season!

Summary from video

1. Cut, Copy and Paste

First, I created a new track below the lead vocal. Next, I cut and copied the first syllable of the vocal and pasted it on the new track. Then I added fades to the beginning and end to avoid clicking or popping.

2. Reverb with Very Long Decay

I inserted a reverb plugin on the new track and cranked the decay time way up! Then, I added an equalizer to filter out the unnecessary high and low frequencies. The result is a crazy sounding reverb with a very long decay.

3. Print and Trim

Print the effected track and trim it to the desired length. I prefer around 4-8 bars.

4. Reverse Effect

Next, I reversed the processed vocal and placed it ahead of the main vocal track. Finally, I cropped the processed vocal to achieve my desired length and added volume automation.

Watch the video in this post to see the entire process in detail.

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