The Recording:
In this video we show how to record a drum set with 4 microphones. We’re using the Tascam DR07 MK2 ($150), a Shure SM57 on the Snare ($100) and a Beta 52 (You can find it for about $150). These are relatively inexpensive microphones, but as your about to see still capture great sounds.

The Mix:
For the Kick I used a compressor with a fast attack, I only compressed about 2db. I EQ’ed pretty aggressively to favor some frequencies and lowered the ones I didn’t (See the video for a visual). On the snare I also used a compressor and I compressed it about 3 to 4 db. In this case on the snare I’m also using an EQ to enhance the High Frequencies while also giving it some body as well. I also used a narrow Q to eliminate a undesirable harmonic that was coming from the high-hat. On the overheads I’m only using a compressor, the same one I used on the Kick, in this case with a faster attack. For the master channel Im using the same compressor as used with the snare before, only about 2 to 3 db max. I also used the Sonnox Oxford Inflator, it added a pretty good feel to the sound. Finally I used a reverb that I applied to the three channels.

Hope you guys enjoyed this video. This is just one of many ways to record a drum kit. Check out the blog on Recording a drum kit with 2 microphones!