In this video we’re demonstrating one way to help your vocal recordings and mixes sound bigger with layering. We recorded the same vocal arrangement 8 times! This might sound like “too much” but when you piece everything together it really can take your songs and mixes to another level. We recommend doing this especially during the chorus of a song because its a great way to differentiate the verse from chorus while also building excitement for the listener. Then again, it mainly depends on your preference and whether it fits the vocalist and/or song.


We didn’t have to apply much processing. We added a DeEsser to control the sibilance of the voice because some parts were too harsh. We’re processing the voice the same way in each channel because although we recorded the vocal 8 times we still want to try and make it sound like once voice. Note: A vocalist will never be able to duplicate the sound of  a vocal arrangement identically, but we still want it as close as possible to the previous take. Its the subtle differences in each take that gives this technique its cool effect. We also used the Chris Lord Alge Vocal plugin, which equips pretty much everything that we need, EQ, compressor and other effects. Make sure to watch the video above for our demonstration of this technique.