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Mixing Acoustic Guitars for a Pop Rock Song

Mixing Acoustic Guitars for a Pop Rock Song


Watch me mix a Pop Rock song from start to finish, every single detail is covered!

In this video I’m going to show you the processing that went into the acoustic guitars within the chorus section of “Shine the Light”, a song I mixed here at Signature Sound Studio. There are some pretty kick ass mixing techniques, so if you have any questions make sure to comment below.

We have four acoustic guitar tracks, there are two highs and two lows and each one of those pairs are panned left and right. The highs are 50% to the left and right, while the lows are 28% to the left and right. Each guitar track is compressed individually due to the slight timing differences between each acoustic guitar track. On the auxiliary bus I chose to EQ them all together so that the whole group would fit in the mix, and we also compressed the whole group to glue them together. Make sure to watch the video so you get the detailed settings that were used on the acoustic guitars within this section of the song. If you have any questions about this tutorial comment below.



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