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Mixing Synths for an EDM Track

Mixing Synths for an EDM Track

In this tutorial I’m to show you the processing that went into the synths for an EDM track mixed here at Signature Sound Studio. I’m specifically working with the synths in the verse section of the song.

Off the bat I noticed there was quite a bit of nasty and fuzzy prickly stuff going on, so to help I used some EQ to get rid of low frequencies that weren’t needed below 168hz. I also eliminated some of the high frequencies and dropped it to around 8db. Now, I’m not going to cover all of the techniques within this post but if you view the video above you’ll be able to see all the processing used and how the adjustments I made improved the sound for the clients liking. The end sound is really cool, check it out and if you have any questions comment below.

Here’s part 2:



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