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Mixing EDM – Mixing Vocal Harmonies

Mixing EDM – Mixing Vocal Harmonies

Watch me mix an EDM song from start to finish, every single detail is covered! In this video we’re going to dissect the vocals harmonies for the chorus of an EDM tracked I mixed here at Signature Sound Studio. We have 4 harmony tracks and two harmony parts, low/medium and high. I’ve panned them hard-left and hard-right for the mids, and half-left and half-right for the highs, this turned out to be a pretty good balance. The goal is to have these vocal harmonies living in the background and not taking away the listeners attention, they’re being used as texture pieces, so just keep this in mind while we’re walking through this part of the mix. Make sure to pay attention to the details, we’re using autotune, eq, compression, reverb and delay with a specific goal in mind thats explained in the video. The final outcome turns out to be pretty cool! Let me know if you have any questions below.


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