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With clients ranging from U2 to Blink-182, Akon to T-Pain, Signature Sound has had a role in over 150 million in album sales. The mix engineers at Signature Sound Mixing & Mastering make this heritage available to you, anywhere in the world, at a reasonable cost point for today’s modern recording budget.

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Since 1989, Signature Sound has been deeply involved in many successful recordings. We have hosted some of the best mixing engineers in the world. Building upon this 30 year history, we now provide a variety of attended and online mixing and mastering options for artists, musicians, and media makers.

By and large artists often struggle lifting their recordings up to commercial expectations. Now, regardless of where you live, you can benefit from our extensive experience in the art of crafting hit songs.  And all at a reasonable cost.


Q: Why mix with Signature Sound?

A: Signature Sound has a proven track record in helping artists attain their “sonic goals.” Every song is different, and thus each mix requires a unique approach. Our mix engineers understand the current state of many music genres and we have the tools and experience to get your music where it needs to be. Above all, we understand that you have a unique vision for your project, and we want to turn that vision into reality.

Q: Will my mix be done entirely “in-the-box”?

A: It depends. We often use the console and outboard when we feel it’ll improve upon the source material. Check out Studio A for a partial gear list.

Q: What is the different between an attended and an unattended mix?

A: Attended mixes require a studio booking. Unattended mixes (online mixing and mastering) don’t require your presence and can often be provided at a reduced rate.

Q: Will my song be mastered?

A: It can be! We’d be happy to finalize your tracks, and we offer both services in a package.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: As there are many factors that go into how long the mix process can take, it’s very difficult to provide an accurate estimate without first speaking with you about your project. Please take a moment to connect, answer a few questions, and we will give you an estimate.


SPOTLIGHT: Christian Cummings; Resident Mixing Engineer

“I’ve recorded, produced and mixed hundreds of projects. I believe in supporting and developing artists. I believe in the battle against mediocrity. I believe that we can achieve anything with enough focus, persistence, honesty and grit.”

Learn more about Christian on his website.

San Diego Mix Engineer Christian Cummings

“I checked out several online mixing and mastering options before we booked a remote session at Signature Sound in San Diego. Although I’m not in town it worked out perfectly and the mix was awesome!” – Harper Junior

“After seeking a local mix engineer for hire we came across Christian and the crew at Signature. We’ve worked with several other studios in the past, but without a doubt these guys understood what we wanted and got us there.” – Karate Crimes

“Signature Sound in San Diego is a great spot to get your record done right.” – Goldwyn

“The best! I tried recording my first EP at a couple different places and it never came out how I had it in my head. After recording with Christian I knew I was coming back to record my full length. He lets you do your own thing while guiding you to make it all come together. I was stoked with the final product.” – Steve Dandurand



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