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Mic Comparison: Bock 251 vs Shure SM7b

Mic Comparison: Bock 251 vs Shure SM7b

How To Get Quality Recordings With Budget Friendly Gear

Today we are here with one of our very talented Resident Engineers, Didi. He is going to sing a few verses for us while we compare the $6,000 Bock 251 to the $400 Shure SM7b. While these are 2 completely different microphones, it is great to hear the difference and see that it is possible to get amazing recordings even with more budget-friendly gear.

In this video, we have both of our microphones going into our amazing API 1608 console. The SM7b is going through a cloud lifter to make it easier to gain match the Bock 251. We are then going directly into pro tools with no effects whatsoever. 

Signal Chains:
Bock 251>API 1608>Apogee Symphony I/O
Shure SM7b>Cloudlifter>API 1608>Apogee Symphony I/O

We are going to play this for you switching back and forth between mics without telling you which microphone we are using. One is going to be labeled A, and one is going to be labeled B. 

Did you guess which microphone was which correctly? Which microphone do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

That’s a wrap for today. Let us know what you think of the microphones and we will catch you next time!

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