Here is another Drum Recording Example we recorded while a session was running at Signature Sound Recording Studio. The purpose of these videos is to help you add trick and techniques to your tool box. It is important to know how to capture multiple types of sounds and styles because clients can be very particular and picky.

Everything was run directly on the 1608 console which is the API 560 and 550b EQ’s / Pre amps on the console. During the session a few things evolved in order to cater to the bands sound. Christian changed up the symbols where he ended using k-darks as opposed to zildjian A-s. Changed the toms from noble cooley kit to ludwig toms. Tightened up the kick drum using a blanket, but in the end not much tweaking was needed other than tuning. A key component to a good sounding recording is a well tuned drums set! Here are Signature Sound we cannot stress enough the importance of this!

Toms – 421’s
Snare – 57′s Top & Bottom
High Hat – KM84
Kick – RE20 In + Bock 195 FET Out
Room – Neumann U67s (Stereo Pair)

If you don’t have the room or microphones we have you can still replicate this in other environments. Find us on Facebook and feel free to ask us any questions.