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Guitar Comparison: StewMac T-Style Guitar Kit vs Fender, Gibson and Eastwood Guitars

Guitar Comparison: StewMac T-Style Guitar Kit vs Fender, Gibson and Eastwood Guitars

Guitar Comparison: How A Home Made Guitar Kit Stacks Up To Three Major Names

Today we are comparing a StewMac T-Style Guitar Kit built by Bill Roof, to several big name guitars to see how it stacks up. Bill felt the components that came with the basic kit were of low quality, so he decided to order better components. By the end of the project, Bill had replaced every kit component. All components were purchased via StewMac except the pickups, which were purchased at Guitar Center. The list of components used is below.
TJ Royer of The Mulroys will be doing a guitar comparison, demoing the guitar against some from his collection. He will be playing through his 1973 Fender Vibrolux with blackface mod. We mic’d the amp with a Royer 121 and Shure 57 through an API 1608 console.
Check out the video to hear the guitar comparison and TJ’s takeaways on the StewMac T-Style Guitar Kit vs the big names.
That’s a wrap for today. Let us know what you think about the guitar comparison, how you think the guitars stacked up and we will catch you next time!
Studio: Signature Sound Studios
Guitar Builder: Bill Roof
Guitarist: TJ Royer of The Mulroys
Audio Engineer: Nathan Thomas
Videographer: Bryan Lee Stamps

Component List

T-Style Guitar Kit
Color Tone Stains, Tobacco Brown and Vintage Amber
Conductive Shielding Paint, 1/2 pint
Pickup Routing TemplateGotoh Modern Bridge for Tele
Guitar String Ferrules
Pure Tone Multi-Contact 1/4″ Output Jack
Control Plate with Angled Slot
Emerson Pro CTS Post, Split Shaft, 250K-ohm (2)
Orange Drop Caps, .001uF
Orange Drop Caps, .047uF
Golden Age Volume Pot Bleed Circuit (Capacitor/Resistor)
Single Coil Hookup Wires, 12″
Oak Grigsby Super Switch
Slotted unbleached bone nut for Fender 9-1/2′ radius
Gotoh Mini 510 Locking 6 in Line Tuners
Tuner Pin Drill Jig
Fret Rocker
Feeler Gauges
Precision Notched Straightedge
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Pickups for Telecaster

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