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Giovana Cover: We Found Love

Giovana Cover: We Found Love

Giovana finished another cover; this time, it was Rihanna’s “We Found Love”! We shot the video in the back parking lot of the studio, giving it a different look than the other videos. Giovana has been progressing every day, and we are very excited to be working with her. She will have 3 new covers coming out in the next three weeks. The covers will be from artists Lady Gaga, Leona Lewis, and Bruno Mars, some of the songs have already been recorded, and they are coming out great! At age 15, she shows true potential, and within a few months, her official music video, “Dawn of the Night,” will be released, along with a house remix! Stay tuned and check out her video! For more news on Giovana, visit her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Channel. Thank you!



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