The idea here is to be able to use a Gio Apogee foot pedal to control the stomp box virtual instrument on logic, running through a laptop in the studio, then out to protools. In this configuration, the Gio Apogee functions almost like a DI into logic and out to protools to be recorded. This allows the guitar player to play in the studio control room, while changing guitar sounds via the Apogee Gio foot control.

An Apogee Gio foot control pedal mimics the realistic feel of “stomp boxes” routinely used in the studio, or in live performance. The Gios utility within this layout is to engage different sounds by switching to and from virtual stomp box instruments in logic, on a laptop.

It makes life much easier for the guitar player, everything can be controlled by his/her feet, keeping the artists hands free for the guitar. Also, you have the freedom to record ideas at home on logic, and bring them into the studio. Please watch the accompanied you tube clip to see what we mean.