Welcome back to article Mondays here at Signature Sound! This week, we will be taking a quick look at the Little Labs VOG (Voice of God) 500 Series Bass Resonance Tool. I am your host, Jambot, and helping me out with the review today is our studio manager and audio engineer Fredo. Let’s get right into it!

The Little Labs VOG is a bass resonance tool designed to capture the chest resonance of vocalists and voice over artists in order to simulate/enhance the proximity effect (picking up more bass in the microphone the closer you are to it), but it quickly became apparent this would be a great tool for kick drums and bass. The VOG allows to you sweep a peak resonance from 20 to 300 Hz with anything below the peak being eliminated at 24dB per octave. This is great for focusing on the sub harmonic, the fundamental or the upper harmonics of the sound. You can really do some incredible things sonically with this solid addition to your arsenal. Fredo loves to punch up his kicks and bring out more low end when he’s working on his mixes, and this is one of his go-to pieces in the studio.

Some pros for the VOG are the price point coming in at under $500, which is great for any home studio or larger setups looking to add a variety of tools to their repertoire. Also, it is very easy to use as it is essentially a single knob peak resonance sweep with an amplitude knob.

A few of the cons are the fact that it is a “one-trick pony” with little versatility compared to some units that offer much more functionality and flexibility (often at a higher price). Something else worth noting is it was created for the API 500 “lunchbox rack” series, so if you do not already own this you must factor that into the cost.

All in all, this is a great addition to any studio setup and an incredible bass-sculpting tool that will allow you to separate your kick drum and bass, while fine-tuning them to sit right in the mix. Let us know what gear you want to hear more about, and it may end up the topic of our next article!

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