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Don’t Be Lazy

Don’t Be Lazy


Some examples of laziness around the studio:
-Vocalists that haven’t memorized their lyrics or practiced their vocal parts
-Guitarists that haven’t learned their guitar parts before coming into the studio
-Drummers that haven’t practiced enough and it takes forever to get the song recorded
-Audio engineers that don’t complete their edits before moving on to mixing

How to overcome laziness

1. Realize when you are being lazy.

Take a step back, try to look at your situation from an outside perspective and realize you are being lazy.



2. Avoid distractions.

Put your phone away when you are working or practicing.



3. Create a plan of action.

List the steps you need to take to complete a project and check them off as you complete them. Make sure these steps are manageable.



4. Stay positive



5. Don’t expect perfection.

If you expect perfection you are setting yourself up for failure.


6. Ask for help.

Call a friend and ask for help or pay somebody to complete the task for you.



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