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How to use Compression: Basic Controls

How to use Compression: Basic Controls


In this tutorial we’re going to introduce some of the basic compressor controls and how they’re used. We’re starting off with the most commonly used, which include…

Threshold: Level that triggers the compression start and end sequence.

Ratio: Amount of compression after threshold is crossed – Ex. 4:1, for every 4db over the threshold, the compressor will let out 1db.

Attack: Time it takes for the compressor to start working after the signal crosses the threshold – usually in milliseconds.

Release: The time it takes the compressor to return to “no compression” after the signal drops back to below the threshold – usually in seconds.

Make-Up Gain: The adjustable output gain of a compressor to compensate for the volume lost during compression.

We’ll also be showing you several examples of how each control is properly used. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.